Growth Can Be Messy

“Sometimes people think that calling on God means inviting a force into our lives that will make everything rosy. The truth is, it means inviting everything into our lives that will force us to grow-and growth can be messy.”`–Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

I was one of those people who thought that choosing to follow my spiritual path and letting God lead would mean that my path would be easy with clear guidance. After all, I was choosing the higher road, right?

Imagine my confusion when as I more deeply aligned myself with Spirit, my life completely morphed and the challenges mounted. Things that appeared to be “sure deals” dissolved, ceilings caved in on me, people disappeared from my life. Poof!

Sometimes we think if we give our lives to God or affirm our sacred “yes” to the Universe that God will bring us our good in a shiny package with a bow on top!

I thought that tuning into the Spiritual channel 24/7 meant that the things I wanted to manifest would unfold with greater ease and harmony.

I was so naïve!

Spiritual surrender is about releasing attachments to form and allowing Spirit to provide the perfect experiences for your soul’s unfoldment.

These are not however, the preferred experiences of your ego. Heaven knows!

Conditions that are not in harmony in your life will be revealed to be healed or released, that could mean your house, your marriage, your job, your friends, even the town you live in.

Whatever beliefs or habit patterns are keeping you from loving yourself or being a channel for God’s love to express through you, they will come up to be “adjusted.” Your “sacred yes” activates a wave of transformation in your life to restore you to wholeness.

From the human perspective it can feel like all hell’s breakin’ loose as foundations crumble and structures disappear.

Yet out of this wreckage, your raw spiritual nature shines through and the radiance of it’s beauty reflects your Divine essence.

When the walls come crumbling down you get to know who really are and what you are made of.

So breathe, relax, and take it all in, because your life will never be the same again and it’s alright!


I know that whatever is happening in my life today is part of the Divine Blue Print of my soul’s unfoldment.

I know that this is a Divine Remodel, Divinely Guided, Divinely Timed and allowing me to be even more at home with myself in God.

I bless the mess!

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