It’s Never Too Late to Be Yourself

Why don’t people live authentic lives they love: engaging in work that makes them happy, enjoying satisfying relationships, speaking their truth and following their bliss?  —Because they are afraid. 

People let fear stop them from following their heart. They can’t listen to their own voice because those of society, friends, and family are blaring in their head. They find themselves pleasing others at their own expense, afraid that if they pursue their own happiness it will hurt others.

My book  It’s Never Too Late To Be Your Self focuses on solving this problem, by showing you how to move through fear and create a life that honors your authentic, self-expression, which is the only path to EVER feeling fulfilled.

In this book, you’ll be guided step by step to:

  • Reconnect with your true essence and what really matters
  • Listen to your inner wisdom
  • Move forward in the face of fear and other obstacles
  • Commit to your dreams and take back your life!

It’s Never Too Late To Be Your Self:  Follow Your Inner Compass and Take Back Your Life

Nautilus Award Winner, Finalist International Book Awards, and Readers’ Choice Five Star Book

Nautilus Award Winner
Readers’ Favorite Five Stars Review Audiobook

Endorsements and Reviews

“A perfect, must-read book”

“A perfect, must-read book for anyone following a creative path. Be it the arts, business, or simply in the pursuit of an authentic life, It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self will help you move through obstacles, so you can stay true to your dreams. As a life coach, Davina’s inspirational guidance has helped me to achieve quantifiable results on the path to fulfilling my creative dreams. This book captures the wisdom, humor, and thoughtfulness that Davina brings to each one of my sessions with her. Leading people to self-discovery and personal growth is her gift and this book is a natural extension of that talent .”

Paul Bartholomew, Actor and Announcer-The Ellen Show

“A wise guide for discovering, activating, and expressing the innate capacities of the human heart.”

“It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self is a tender, wise guide for discovering, activating, and expressing the innate capacities of the human heart. Through her rich experience as a therapist and her own personal journey, Dr. Davina invites us to relate to ourselves and our world with a heart of compassion and courage. By weaving together insights of psychology and spirituality, she shows us how to skillfully do so.”

–Michael Bernard Beckwith–Founder of Agape International Spiritual and author of Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation

“An insightful guide.”

“I’ve experienced my own version of coming to the edge and following my heart. I know there are so many people standing at that edge that could benefit from Davina’s insightful guide. Thank you for shining light on the path of being the Truth of ourselves and doing what is ours to do.”

–Kathy Hearn, Dean, Centers for Spiritual Living School of Spiritual Leadership


“Shows you what is possible when you follow the guidance of your heart.”
“Let Davina’s open-hearted enthusiasm guide you step by step to living from your courageous heart. Her book takes you by the hand and shows you what is possible, in your work, relationships, and beyond, when you follow the guidance of your heart.”HeatherAsh Amara, Author Warrior Goddess Training and many more great books!

“Learn how to reach for your potential even in the face of paralyzing fear.”
“The challenge of discovering our deeper identity – our most authentic self, which is the wellspring of our heart’s desires – is the topic my dear friend Dr. Davina Kotulski addresses so ably in It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self. Davina shows us how we can step courageously out of a mindset that limits us and enter into the joy of living from our hearts. As you read, you’ll learn how to reach for your potential even in the face of paralyzing fear.”
Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., New York Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family

“Invites us to step out in faith and self-love to be who we came here to be.”

“It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self boldly invites us to step out in faith and self-love to be who we came here to be. It shows how to set aside our masks and let go of all fear and victimhood. Gently guiding us out of the limitations of our head and into the wisdom of our heart, where anything is possible, it teaches us how to follow our dreams.”
Colin C. Tipping, international bestselling author of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self-Forgiveness

“Powerful, life-changing book”

“In this powerful, life-changing book, Dr. Davina Kotulski guides us to the inner recesses of our hearts where we discover the authentic Self. Through powerful stories and her own personal experience, Davina skillfully and compassionately walks us through this inner journey showing how to release fear and step into the freedom that is our divine birthright.”

Joan Steadman, D.D., Agape Bay Area: A Center for Awakened Living


“A great book for anyone who desires to live a fulfilling life beyond fear”

“Davina was a cutting-edge leader in the marriage equality movement and continues to be a passionate spiritual advocate. In her most recent book, It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self, she combines her experience and wisdom as a psychologist, life coach, and new thought spiritual practitioner to teach you how to create powerful positive change on the personal level. A great book for anyone who desires to live a fulfilling life beyond fear as Davina encourages the reader to do in this engaging book.”

Mark Anthony Lord, author of Thou Shalt Not Suffer and founder, Bodhi Spiritual Center

“Defy gravity and live from the truth”

“In her new book It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self, Dr. Davina Kotulski shares how to have a courageous heart drawing from her own life experiences and those whom she has deeply inspired through her leadership, profound presence, and guidance to defy gravity and live from the truth of their hearts. Her own courageous heart and compassionate strength is woven throughout this book. It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self is a deep, yet fun, read.”

Becky Robbins, artist, humanitarian, and former vice-president of Robbins Research International

“An inspirational and handy guide to reclaiming your true and powerful self”

“We live in a time where truth and authenticity are being demanded of us. We can either follow the expectations of our cultural systems and conform and live an unfulfilled life or we can step into our divine power and claim our happiness; maybe even joy. Dr. Davina’s book It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self is an inspirational and handy guide to reclaiming your true and powerful self and listening to the loving guidance of your heart.”

Peter Bedard, author of Convergence Healing

“A simple, straight-shooting, user-friendly guide”

“In order to take your life forward, you have to take it back—from the downward-pulling forces that rob you of vitality. Davina Kotulski has written a simple, straight-shooting, user-friendly guide to doing just that. With tremendous wisdom and compassion, and a visceral understanding of the hard, human work involved in opening—and trusting—the heart, she will help you navigate the rubber-meets-the-road work of putting more life in your life.”

Gregg Levoy, author of Callings and Vital Signs

“This book will definitely inspire you to claim your own power.”

“Davina skillfully delivers on her promise of building the reader’s heart muscle. She draws a clear road map on how to communicate effectively with our hearts, unleashing our courage so that we may reach our highest potential and live the lives we envision for ourselves. This book will definitely inspire you to claim your own power.”

Roma Khetarpal, author of The “Perfect” Parent and founder, Tools of Growth

“Packed with practical and poignant lessons”

It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self is a fantastic guide on how to connect with your deep ‘inner knowing.’ It’s packed with practical and poignant lessons on how to shed anxiety and to live with more ease and flow—all the time. If you feel like life is weighing you down, read this book, use Davina’s wisdom, and start living large again!”

Mark D. Langford, CEO, C-Synergy, and author of Thank God It’s Wednesday

“Read this whenever you are facing a crossroad”

“Davina Kotulski reveals her own authentic heart in It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self. She has fearlessly stepped above the typical well-worn path in search for self, clarity, and happiness. Davina is a master weaver of compelling stories derived from the poignant crossroads between her clients and herself. She consistently demonstrates how digging deep into her own heart led her to the development of easy-to-follow pathways toward living a more genuine and joyful life. Read this whenever you are facing a crossroad to help lead you to your correct turn.”

Renee Baribeau, wind whistler, soul coach, and author of Winds of Spirit


—Rob Mack, Host of Talk Show Good Morning La La Land, Positive Psychology Expert


Reader’s Choice Five Star Review

It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self: Follow Your Inner Compass and Take Back Your Life by Davina Kotulski is a powerful book on personal development, one that offers tools and secrets to unlocking the doors to personal fulfillment, growth, and success, and it is well-crafted for contemporary readers.

It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self is a book I found to be very edifying, packed with wisdom and insight, one of those books to read or listen to and pass on.  Most people are not satisfied with the life they are living because they are disconnected from themselves. They spend their lives chasing ideas, values and dreams suggested to them by our eclectic culture, struggling to meet standards set by others.

In this book, the author shares the wisdom that readers need to reconnect with their deepest desires and feel at one with themselves because it is only then that they can live with truth and authenticity. This book shows why we need to use our inner compass to identify what we truly need, our desires, and how to use them to create success and purpose.

Davina Kotulski observes that: “Many of us have an objection to feeling joyous. Something in us resists feeling wonderful, resists the fullness of life. We feel there’s something flawed about us, something not quite right about who we are. Religious doctrine has contributed to this. For some people, this feeling is familiar and therefore comfortable.”

This book helps readers turn things around, empowering them to overcome their internal resistance to growth, joy, and happiness, and providing actionable steps to learn to listen to themselves, to take control of their dreams, and to find tools that help them beat fear and obstacles on the way.

Narrated in a voice that is down to earth and engaging, in a style that connects with readers, allowing a heart to heart conversation, this is an audiobook to have in your car and in your home. The words are filled with power and that energy is communicated in the confident and clear voice of the narrator.

Now Available as an Award Winning Audiobook on Audible!

As a clinical psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience working with people to transform their lives, I’ve grappled with the question of why so many people settle for living inauthentic lives while others have made incredible changes and created lives that are meaningful and fulfilling.

And a psychologist and life coach, I’ve marveled at how some people get stuck in ruts and continue on in unsatisfying relationships and jobs that suck the marrow from their lives, while others are doing the work to pursue their dreams. Many people take chances and fail because they haven’t adequately prepared themselves for change. Or they think that their success should instantly materialize and so they spend money on gimmicks or programs and then give up. I know that if they’d had adequate support and expectations they would have navigated their changes more successfully.

 With this book, you can discover how to avoid making those same mistakes, by following the guidance and experience I’ve had helping people manage transitions to create transformation in their lives.

Dr. Davina Kotulski interviewed on Good Morning La La Land’s Transformation Tuesday

It’s Never Too Late To Be Your Self: Follow Your Inner Compass and Take Back Your Life

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