Your Answers Are Within But You Have to Go Deep

The Wizard of Oz is one of America’s favorite stories. While it is titled The Wizard of Oz, the story is really about a young woman from the heartland of America who gets caught up in the emotional storms of life and begins seeking solutions outside of herself.

At one point she puts all her faith in a wizard, a man who pretends to be more than he is. The real solution to Dorothy’s return home was to reunite the fragmented parts of herself; her wisdom, her heart, and her courage.

Once Dorothy reunites with the fragmented parts of herself she can go home again. The story ends when Dorothy wakes up and realizes it was all a dream. She already had what she needed— she just needed to awaken to that fact.

Dorothy’s journey is really an inward journey, that reframes how we experience the world and actually begins to shift what we experience. It is about reconnecting with our inner wisdom, and then having the courage to step out in faith.

But how do we bring these fragmented pieces of ourselves together? How do we awaken? How do we get out of this habit of looking outside of ourselves for answers? How do we connect with our inner wisdom?

The answers are within but we have to go deep.

How do we begin to listen deeply to ourselves and open to a deeper wisdom?

Practices that quiet the mind and open the heart are one way. Having someone we trust to share openly with so we can begin to hear our own voice and our deeper wisdom is another.

That’s what a good coach can do. A coach can help us on our journey. A good coach can hold space for us and ask us powerful questions so we can go deep and find our own answers.

What situation(s) do you want to shift in your life?

What would be possible if you started listening to your inner wisdom?

What would support you in beginning to follow that wisdom?

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