Do you see dead people?

Do you see Dead People?

Seriously, when you look around you, do you see people living their lives fully? Are you? Or do just see people on automatic zombie, numbly going through the day, disconnected from their dreams and their hearts?

Last month I heard James Van Praagh speak at Agape’s Revelations Conference. James is a gay man who has seen ghosts ever since he was a little boy. As you can imagine being gay and seeing ghosts made this special little boy a target for bullying, so he struggled with keeping this part of himself closeted for many years.

However, he began to share his gift of being a psychic medium, (which you can now say in polite company), and it landed him the co-executive producer position for the television series “Ghostwhisper” with Jennifer Love Hewitt. On the show, the main character, Melinda, helps “earthbound” ghosts who have unresolved issues with the living get resolution so they can “crossover.” This is the kind of work James does on a regular basis, although he helps humans who have unresolved issues connect with the dearly departed to get comfort and closure.

In his book, Unfinished Business, he talks about the regrets of the dead. He says the spirits he communicates with emphasize the importance of forgiveness and how they wish they’d expressed more love, been less afraid to take risks and follow their dreams and their hearts, and spent more time on the important things in life. We know that no one on their deathbed says, “I wish I’d spent more time in the office.”

It’s so important that we take advantage of these beautiful bodies and lives we’ve been given. Even if you believe in reincarnation or life after life, like I do, you only live this life once.

Just this past week two wonderful people I knew made their transitions to the spirit world in the prime of their lives: Heather, who is survived by her husband, Paul, and their son, Paulie, and Pete, an Agape classmate of mine, who made a beautiful film of himself meditating in the early morning on the beach and finding Divine peace even in the midst of his terminal cancer diagnosis. Pete is survived by his wife, Lindsey and their baby.

Spirits don’t get to feel the sunshine on their faces or breathe in the mountain or ocean air. They can’t say their sorry or brush the cheek of a loved one and say “I love and appreciate you.”

So, live your life now. Forgive yourself and others so you can move forward. Let go of self-harming habits and patterns, regrets and hurts of the past, open your heart and make yourself available to the world. For Pete’s sake, and Heather’s, go after your dreams and really be here now!

Take 5 minutes for your dreams

Take 5 minutes and write down your all of your goals and dreams. What do you want to accomplish? What difference do you want to make in the world? Where are the places you want to travel to?

Take 5 minutes for forgiveness

Write down the people you need to forgive, put yourself at the top of the list. When you’ve finished the list, say “I forgive you” or if you are not there yet say, “I am willing to be open to forgiving you.” Remember everyone that hurt us taught us something or made room for something else to come into our lives. Find the bright spot. I remind myself that the people who hurt me allowed me to become even stronger in myself love and self-approval, this has made me a more autonomous and authentic person.

Take 5 minutes for love

Write down all the people you love and make it a point to call, email, or text them and let them know you love and appreciate them.

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