Ms. President

presidentcoverWhen I was a kid, I was obsessed with the presidents of the United States.

In fact, my first “book “ was a round. It was made in the image of Presidential seal, which was the cover for the book. Inside every page was dedicated to one of our presidents. Each president’s date of birth, the years of the term(s) they served, their marital status and spouse, their party affiliation, facts about them, and the date of their death was documented in that little book.

At 10 years old I named my first horse, Ms. President, because I believed that women were as competent as men and that it was time to have a woman as president.

We are on the brink of making history by finally electing a woman to the office of President. For the past 227 years this position of leadership has been out of reach for women, this is the first time in two and a quarter centuries that a woman has a real chance of being elected president. Hilary Clinton would be our 45th president. I don’t believe anyone should vote for a candidate just because of the candidate’s gender or race, I do however believe that Hilary Clinton more accurately represents the issues that are important to me than her opponent. I look forward to next month and hope that others are as excited as me about a woman advancing to the office of President.

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