Life Coaching

Coaching is a journey of growth, evolution and transformation!

People hire me when they are ready to transform their lives, live their dreams, reclaim their personal power, and live a life of greater authenticity and fulfillment.

I want you to have an amazing life that honors you! I want you to be happy, free, self-actualized and doing what you love to do in the world, sharing your talents and skills!

My clients tell me that coaching with me has led to: increased self-confidence and self-acceptance, greater productivity and motivation in their creative endeavors, increased income, increased intimacy, improved social and work relationships, successful career transitions, clarity on their life purpose, focus and confidence to take action on their goals and dreams, having more fun, and living a life the reflects their true selves.

Here are my coaching specialties, click through links for more information.

Life Coaching (Personal coaching for your life; career, relationship issues, transitions, starting a business)

Writing Coaching (Write and publish your book, writer’s block, creativity coaching, motivation)

Coming Out Coaching (Be out and proud for LGBT people and their families, including gender transition)

VIP Coaching (Full day or half day personalized coaching for a major life overhaul)

Why Davina as your coach?

I believe you deserve to live an authentic life that honors your values, passions, talents, and strengths and calls forth your highest and best self and that’s what I’ve spent the last 20 years helping people do. As your coach, I support you in tapping in to and bringing forth the greatest expression of yourself so you can access your full range of abilities and personal power.  Yes, you have amazing powers just waiting to be fully tapped!  With coaching you can better manage those nasty little inner gremlins that can be relentless in their efforts to stop you in your tracks with limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Together we’ll explore how you can design your life in a way that is authentic to your values.

I also believe it is important to have a coach who is serious about their own personal growth and transformation. I am a graduate of the California School of Professional Psychology, the Coaches Training Institute, the Anthony Robbins’ Life Mastery Program, and Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living and Communications Access to Power I and II Courses.

Spiritual development is an important part of my path and I am especially drawn to spiritual study and experience that help one find their inner voice and their inner strength.  I am also a licensed Spiritual Practitioner at the Agape International Spiritual Center of New Thought Ancient Wisdom in Los Angeles with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. I have attended several trainings with psychiatrist Brian Weiss, a world-renowned expert in past life regression, and am certified to do Past Life Regression sessions and have completed training with internationally known psychic medium James Van Praagh. I am a 7-time firewalker. I’ve completed a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat, a vision quest with the School of Lost Borders’ in Death Valley, attended “Way of the Shaman” seminars with Michael Harner, and have worked extensively with the Native American community where I’ve been included in several sacred Native American ceremonies. I embrace Science of Mind and the principles of Law of Attraction and Law of Manifestation.

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It is important to note that coaching is not advice, therapy, or counseling. Even though I am a licensed psychologist, I will not be providing you with psychotherapy services.

If you wish to hire me as a therapist or couples counselor, please contact me at (626) 200-4375 and follow up with an e-mail.