Blossoming and Awakening

Last night I was walking in my neighborhood. The temperature was beautiful, the air scented with orange blossoms and other awakening buds. I breathed fully as I walked inhaling life’s sweetness. I was at peace. I felt held.  Comfortable within myself, I wanted nothing. There was no yearning. Simply a desire to walk and enjoy my own company. My eyes relaxed in the darkness.

How good it is to feel whole. To know that I AM. How good it is to feel the completeness of that. To feel the peace of nowhere to be or know where to be, nothing to do, just now.  The sweetness of the moment. Feeling open, feeling life IS and life IS GOOD.

After going through many, many changes in my life releasing so many notions of what makes one happy, it is so clear to me that LESS is MORE. That simple is beautiful and spacious. When there are fewer things to clutter my world than I have the spaciousness to fill it with me, my presence.

I imagine the joy of a fresh sheet of paper in a notebook, the wide open space, and a pen where I AM the creator enjoying the void, enjoying the possibility.

Our lives are so filled with other people’s agendas for us. We are always receiving solicitations for what we should do with our time, money, our energy. There are a million ways we can fill the space, kill time, or we can mindfully create FREE space in our calendars and day planners. We can use that FREE space to be FREE, free in our minds, free in our actions, open and available to our inner thoughts, our higher callings, our inner wisdom.

Today find a way to break free for 15 minutes to be with yourself. To breathe, to expand, to tune in and turn on to your inner knowing. Feel how very complete and whole you are, simply being you, no extra additives. Organically you!


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