Stop and smell the flowers!

Life is beautiful, especially when we are in the flow trusting that the Universe has our back. When I trust the Universe to take care of me, that’s when I want to stop and smell the flowers and gaze up at the beautiful sky. When I have faith, that’s when I am present.

So, what does it take to put our faith in the Universe, knowing that there is a perfect, Divine plan for each and everyone of us that takes into account all our talents, passions, and joys?


We must practice affirmations, we must practice being mindful of what thoughts we think and what words we use in our discussions. We must practice focusing on what is going right and not what is going wrong or missing. We must practice appreciation and gratitude.

These practices will get us out of fear and back into the flow and joy of life, the nectar if you will!

So, stop and smell the flowers and let the essence fill you with peace!

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