Spiritual Divorce

 Spiritual Divorce

Spiritual Divorce by Debbie Ford is a really great book for anyone who is going through the ending of a relationship, who wants to understand themselves better and who is open to a spiritual approach to understanding their divorce.

Debbie Ford says “when we use our divorces to heal our wounds, to learn, grow, and develop ourselves into more loving, conscious human beings,” rather than staying stuck in our pain, then we will have “a spiritual experience and liberation of our souls.” Ford, who ascribes to the metaphysical “they are no mistakes” principle, affirms that “our lives are divinely designed,” therefore accepting whatever is taking place in our lives gives us power to move forward.

Ford identifies 7 “laws” of what she calls a “spiritual divorce.”

1. Law of Acceptance: “everything is as it should be.”

2. Law of Surrender: “When we stop resisting and surrender to the situation exactly as it is, begin to change.”

3. The Law of Divine Guidance: “God will do for you what you cannot do for yourself.”

4. The Law of Responsibility: “With divine guidance, we can look at exactly how we participated in and co-created our divorce drama.”

5. The Law of Choice: “Having taken responsibility, we can choose new interpretations that empower us.”

6. The Law of Forgiveness: “After we have cut the karmic cord, we will be able to ask God to forgive.”

7. The Law of Creation: “Experiencing the freedom of forgiveness opens up the gates to new realities.”

The book has some really thoughtful exercises to look at each person’s part in the breakdown of their marriage and to bring out their “highest self” even in the midst of “divorce drama.” I highly recommend it.

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