Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light by Davina Kotulski

Published in Inner Visions Agape Publications 2013

How often do we dim our lights so as not to stick out or make others uncomfortable? Most of my life I’ve felt uncomfortable taking up too much space. I have intentionally turned away from attention and praise and even dimmed my light for fear of making others feel uncomfortable or jealous and because of my own fear of being seen. I’ve even hidden my light behind other people’s lights because it felt more humble, more spiritual, to be behind the scenes, rather than playing a starring role in my own life. Sadly, this has led to my blaming others for circumstances in my life and giving my power away, power that was God given.

To live with my light turned up too brightly has frightened me. Marianne Williamson nailed it when she said “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” We get the message that it’s more polite to be humble, meaning “invisible,” to not “hog” all the attention, and to not “get too big for our britches.” Some of us through the world’s teaching, or by our own distorted thinking, equate self-love with the tale of Narcissus, self-care with selfishness, and healthy self-esteem with arrogance.

I have come to realize that the light inside of me seeking to be expressed is God. So, when I dim my light, I am dimming God. I am intentionally putting a kink in the rope, keeping the Divine from flowing through me with ease, grace, and power. We are each a unique imprint of Spirit. We all have the light of God shining through us. The more we allow our light to shine, the more we are allowing God to shine through us. God beaming God.

Today I shine my light full on. I stand center stage, starring in my own life. God is my Director and I am here to be bold, authentic, open-hearted, and courageous.
Davina Kotulski, Newly Licensed Spiritual Practitioner