Be the Love!

bigIn the past few months several of my friends have abruptly left their earth suits to return to the light of Oneness. These beloveds were a part of the tapestry of  my life. I cannot imagine who I’d be without them. Since our souls are immortal, we can always send love to those who have made their transitions. We can talk to them in spirit. Yet, how absurd to wait to express our gratitude and love until our friends have “left the building” so to speak. Our loving words and gestures are being called forth now.

Your love lights up the Universe! Your open-hearted tenderness heals. Your courage to say “I love you,” and “I appreciate you” uplifts the vibratory field on the planet. To paraphrase Dr. David Hawkins in Power vs. Force one person vibing at the consciousness of love (level 500) counterbalances 750,000 individuals vibing below level 200 (the consciousness of courage).Yes, beloved Earthling YOUR LOVE moves mountains. YOUR LOVE melts the frozen glaciers of the heart. The only glaciers we want melting on Mama Earth.

Loving others means having the courage to be open-hearted. It means having the willingness to speak lovingly, act lovingly, be compassionate, forgive, and to sometimes be the person who expresses love first. Loving others means choosing to remain loving even when someone else isn’t meeting your needs or is disappointing you. Loving others means extending warmth to another, though we fear we might be rejected. Loving others means being vulnerable and opening our hearts, though we fear we might be found inadequate or unworthy.  Love is a choice.

Tell the people in your life how much they mean to you, including your barista. Don’t wait for someone to mirror love to you, be the eyes of love. Be the love you wish to see in the world.

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