Davina’s Birthday Month Celebration Specials

Davina’s Birthday Month Celebration Specials

Courageous Heart Life Coaching Packages

  • Transitions (Career, life, relationship)
  • Projects (Starting a business, starting or finishing a project, etc.)
  • Specific issues where you find yourself blocked.
  • Four 45 minute telephone or video conference coaching sessions
  • Buy Now 4 sessions for $399 reg. $800 

Manifest Your Manuscript Writing Coaching Packages

Here a few things you might want writing coaching with:

  • Getting started – “I want to write a book, where do I start?”
  • Writer’s Block- “I’m stuck.”
  • Organization-“How does this all go together?”
  • Creating a Writing Practice- “I can’t seem to find time in my schedule to write.”
  • Motivation-“I have time to write, I just can’t seem to get my butt in the chair!”
  • Finding Your Voice-“I know I have something to say, how do I say it?”
  • Creativity Coaching-“My writing needs more juiciness.”
  • Confidence-“No one cares what I have to say, why should I do this anyway?”
  • Book Proposal-“How do I do it?”
  • Self-Publishing-“Should I go for it?”
  • Finding an Agent-“How does this work?”
  • Editing and Feedback-“How am I doing? Is this any good?”
  • Four 45 minute telephone or video conference coaching sessions
  • Buy Now 4 sessions for $399 reg. $800

Past Life Regression Sessions

Some benefits of Past Life Regression include:

  • Relaxation and connection to oneness
  • Gain clarity in current circumstances, challenges and conflicts
  • Process fear and anxiety associated with past life trauma
  • Understand and release past life wounds connected to physical challenges
  • Understand key relationships with deeper insights
  • Connect with healing and loving experiences from the past
  • Tap into past talents and abilities
  • Connect with your soul’s wisdom and life purpose
  • Release karmic patterns and debts
  • Experience life review and transcend death experience
  • Two sixty minute telephone or video conference regressions
  • Buy Now 2 sessions for $225 reg. $400

Life Visioning Spiritual Counseling Sessions (this is not therapy).

  • Gain spiritual insight through the visioning process
  • Connect with your spiritual path and understand what is wanting to emerge in your life
  • Includes affirmative prayer, meditation and personal life visioning for any area of your life
  • 1 session for $100 reg. $150    Only 1 per person